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Precision – our tradition and our passion


Knowledge of marine navigation technology develops into specialization in precision engineering.

Not only in the south of Germany, but also in the north you can find experts who understand how to manufacture highest quality precision components and assemblies with tolerances in the 1/1000 mm range - like, for instance, Hein & Oetting Feinwerktechnik GmbH, a medium-sized company whose origins go back to 1837.

Alongside the traditional business areas (compass systems for luxury yachts, navigation and control systems for aerospatial applications), the portfolio covered by the 80-strong workforce includes high-quality components and assemblies for measurement, testing and medical technology as well as machine manufacturing.
Lars Reeder, the company's managing partner: "For us, 'quality' is a unit of measurement that we use in our precision engineering production, for many of our products will have to withstand extreme environmental conditions and be very hard-wearing. Not without reason do our magnetic compasses carry the EN ISO 9001 certificate, but also that of Germanischer Lloyd."

From special milling machines to CNC universal machining centers

That these attestations of quality are more than just hot air is quickly confirmed in a tour of the modern production halls: The seamless processing chain for the production of workpieces with precision tolerances in the µm range starts with a 3D CAD/CAM system, continues via the highly versatile set of CNC machines and is rounded off by the CNC measurement technology with quality documentation.

On top of this comes consultation right from the idea development phase, as well as additional services such as surface finishing, laser inscription, component procurement, supply logistics etc. This means that we can offer a one-stop-shop including individual part manufacturing to JIT controlled series production.

According to production manager Pascal Chemier, the four Hermle high-performance machining centers represent a significant factor towards achieving high performance, flexibility and reproducible quality. "Previously, the machines were highly specialized to cater for the exacting requirements for compass parts etc., and this always restricted our room to maneuver.

Therefore we invested more and more in universal machines and CNC machining centers, including a Hermle C 800 V. This enabled us to provide our customers with better production performance, which in turn prompted the decision to enter the world of 5 axis machining technology with a Hermle C 600 U in the year 2000."

This technological leap was the start of the metamorphosis from a pure contract manufacturer to a technology partner able to provide customer support in all phases of the product life cycles.

All possible degrees of difficulty

The next investment: This time it was in 5 axis / 5 side, simultaneous and full machining by means of two new C 30 Us with practically the same fittings (Ø swiveling rotary table: 630 mm; tool magazine: 32 pockets; internal coolant supply; main spindle rotation speed: 18000 RPM; iTNC530 Heidenhain control; Renishaw touch probe; Wenglor tool failure monitoring system).
"With the milled parts," explains Lars Reeder, "we have order batches from 1 to 100 pieces, workpieces in all imaginable dimensions and degrees of difficulty arising from very variable materials. And with the machine working areas (X = 650, Y = 600, Z = 500 mm) we can cope with all the workpiece sizes of our precision parts. We can completely depend on Hermle's excellent performance, precision, reliability and service. This gives us the certainty that we can always deploy the required resources. Just as we want to be the number one supplier for our customers - and usually are - we see Hermle as our number one supplier of CNC machining centers. And it is going to stay that way."

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